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Curious Pilsner Bottle Render 2

4th July 2023

Curious Kentish Pilsner is a celebration of our county’s hop-growing heritage and terroir.

A traditional Pilsner-style lager brewed with a trio of locally grown hop varieties.

Ernest and Bullion hops provide aromas of citrus, orange, apricot and lemon, whilst the classic Kent Challenger hop delivers the bitterness.

Working directly with the hop farmers of Kent; Curious Kent Pilsner is brewed and packaged onsite at Curious’ state of the art Brewery in Ashford.

But the local connections don’t stop there!

Waste grain and yeast from the process are collected for use by local farmers as animal feed, ensuring there is zero waste, whilst all waste water from the brewing process is treated to ensure that the quality of water put back is greater than that taken out.

In 2023 Curious will continue to pursue their sustainability goals. Not only by producing products such as Kent Pilsner using high quality local ingredients, but also by reducing the overall impact they have on the environment, investing in solar power and new carbon capture technologies.

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