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Hop Garden

19th August 2020

Decorate with Hops

It is now Hop Season at Castle Farm! Hop Bines are lovely 3 metre long garlands of foliage and green 'flowers'. They are grown in our Kent Hop Gardens and traditionally hung in the home every year to bring luck! HOW CAN HOPS BE USED? Our Hop Bines are used as decoration in houses, across beams, above pub bars or in wedding marquees and barns... plus on film sets by production companies. If you hook them up fresh, they will dry naturally in position, and have impact all year. DO I BUY FRESH OR DRIED HOPS? If you can, use Fresh Hop Bines. They are easy to hang and very flexible so you can drape and twine them prettily. However, they are ONLY available from now until mid/late September. At any other time of year, order our Dried Hop Bines, which are fast-dried in specialist hot air kilns to keep their colour. For more information about the difference - click here. Order online through our website now – Fresh Hop Bines are only available mid-August to mid-September.