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Beebee Spices May

15th May 2023

Dining in is the new Eating out - spice up your meals with BeebeeSpices

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but there isn’t much spare cash to splash out anymore. but this doesn’t mean that we are willing to step down from the dining experiences once enjoyed.

I could barely believe it when my husband announced that our weekly eat-outs would now become a monthly event. I really enjoyed eating out, I enjoyed the attention, the ambience and of course, the food. I missed my weekly routine so much, I swear that I must have suffered withdrawal symptoms. Then I invented my own night-out – at home.

Once I knew what I wanted to achieve, the rest was easy. First, I set the table with candles – this was completely different to our daily routine, so it looked and felt special. Then I made a 3-course meal – as I am a hesitant cook, it had to be something quick and simple, but flattering on the palate. I used a different platter than the usual – this created the effect of having food from a different kitchen. Now, the most important aspect of this revolution was the flavours and Chilli Sweet and Mild was the best place to look.

This product has everything you will ever need to create restaurant standard meals in minutes. For my veggie option, I just added a tablespoon of the ‘good stuff’ in a pan and lightly fried the mushroom in for one or two minutes, to retain the crunch.

I did the same for the broccoli and dished as you see in the picture. Chilli Sweet and Mild is full of flavour, and delayed, heat just behind your palate.

You can also add some chilli to the pan to give it more heat and garnish if you so wish.

Stay tuned for what I did for the main and how it was received.

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