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Margate Quiz Trail 2

3rd April 2024

Discover how Karl Marx was connected to Margate with Quiz Trails

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We love sharing the Kent history we discover! In March enjoy the brighter days discovering more about one of our fantastic Kent towns – maybe Rochester, Faversham, West Malling or our city Canterbury? Here’s a famous visitor to Margate.

Karl Marx lived in London from 1849 until his death in 1883. During these years he visited the Kent coast many times, particularly the Thanet area. In March of 1866 he complained that his doctor had 'banished' him to Margate. However, he said he found the sea air “wonderfully pure and invigorating.” At one time he visited The Royal Sea Bathing Hospital to treat his boils, which were thought to be the result of a liver complaint. Sea-bathing proved a speedy cure at the time although the affliction returned.

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