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19th June 2024

Discover something new with a Quiz Trail: Here's a story about a very lucky family....

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A lucky family. On Wednesday 7th December in 1966, in Canterbury, an elderly lady, aged 95, passed away. Her ashes were scattered in the Kent County Crematorium in Ashford.

When she had been aged 40, Mrs Lily Odell, nee May, had travelled to Ireland for a family motoring holiday. A tour for the family around the south of Ireland in a car to see the sights.

Back in those days cars were generally used for pleasure, rather than business, although they were becoming increasingly popular with regular daily travellers such as doctors. There were 100,000 cars on Britain's roads by the end of 1910. Today there are roughly 33 million cars on the roads of the UK.

The party were going on a big family holiday driving around Ireland. Lily’s husband had also bought a ticket but was unable to join them.

To get to Ireland they had travelled from Southampton by ship to Queenstown, Southern Ireland. The party were First Class passengers, and their journey began on 11th April 1912 when they boarded the ship. Twenty-four hours later they disembarked from the ship and went off to start their holiday in Ireland.

The ship, the SS Titanic, then set off again from its drop-off dock at Queenstown and went on to continue its journey to New York …

A very lucky escape.

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