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21st July 2021

a Look at Disney’s Tea Obsession, One Cup at a Time by Kent Tea & Coffee Company

Nestling down with a cup of tea to watch a Disney classic is a match-made in heaven. But have you ever noticed how potty Disney characters are about their brews?

Look closely, and you’ll find a teapot or a teacup cropping up in many of the Disney Classics. By closely examining the Disney films, we isolated the twelve most tea mad movies.

We can reveal which have the most (and longest) tea scenes, which characters drink, pour or talk about tea the most and which films feature the most teapots and teacups.

Tea Around the Disney World

What is America’s perception of Britain? Watch a Disney movie and you’ll soon find out: nothing is more sacred to an English character than their tea!

‘Tea time’ is a core plot-point of many British-based films, like 101 Dalmations, Mary Poppins and the Sword in the Stone. In fact, half of the top ten tea-mad movies are based in ‘old Blighty’.

Otherwise, films across the channel in France also feature a lot of tea, and tea sets appear in China, West Africa and the US.

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