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Hyper Hop 23 4 18

27th April 2018

Dry hopping again!

Here at the Canterbury Ales we love the creativity and freedom our range of limited-edition ales allow us. We haven’t dry hopped for a while and decided we needed to bring it back into this range. So we’ve brought out our HyperHop – a 4.7% pale ale with tropical fruit aromas and flavours from Simcoe and Mosaic hops. So what is dry hopping? When we brew, hops are added to the wort for both bittering and aroma before fermentation. With dry hopping, more hops are added after fermentation and steeped for a few days before transferring the beer into cask. What has the dry hopping done to this ale? It’s all about the aroma – you’ll get a tropical fruit hit on the nose before you taste those gorgeous flavours. This will give a real hoppiness and craft characteristics to the beer – we hope you enjoy!