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Disco Cans

13th April 2021

Dudda’s Tun Cider is excited to release their newly canned Disco cider!

It was always our ambition to release our Disco cider in the can format, particularly as the style and branding created by Sean at Sand Creative lends itself beautifully to the silver can itself. Disco has long been our biggest selling traditional cider, fermented from Discovery apples (from where it takes its name) and naturally occurring wild yeasts. The cider itself is packed full of fresh, tangy apple notes, with just a soft sparkle. We think our canned Disco is next level, and is great to have a product that is perfect for the beach, picnics or your very own garden.

Disco grew in popularity throughout Kent in its bag-in-box format, and is still extremely popular in pubs looking to stock real ciders up and down the country. We love that our Disco cider now bridges both the traditional and craft worlds of cider, whilst still maintaining its farm-made roots in the heart of Kent. Always produced from 100% freshly pressed apples grown on our farm or neighbouring farms, and always from wild yeasts Dudda’s Tun continues to create ciders which remain Kent to the Core!

Disco cans are now available to order online at


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