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Provenance Baby Bag 1

29th June 2021

East Kent’s finest potato range just got that little bit bigger with the launch of Provenance Baby Potatoes

From August 2021, we will provide greater choice to customers by offering two sizes of Kent Maris Peer potatoes:

Both in our branded 10kg fully recyclable paper sacks.

All our Maris Peer are grown in Thanet mainly by Jonathan Tapp at Hatfeild Farm. The crew at Hatfeild Farm planted 6.5 million Maris Peer seed in March and will harvest the subsequent 55 million tubers in August. Hatfeild Farm is only seventeen miles from our pack house in Deal where we grade, wash and pack our potatoes. This keeps food miles super low, contributing to a lower carbon footprint for our customers.

We’ve grown and sold Maris Peer for many years, favouring them over all other salad varieties due to their superior taste qualities. They have a firm, creamy yellow flesh and have a superb flavour, but don’t disintegrate during cooking. It’s the perfect all-round potato, being ideal for boiling, steaming, roasting and frying. They are delicious hot or cold! Maris Peer can be served whole and there’s no need to peel as the skins are so soft and tender. They are naturally low in fat, full of nutrients and easy to portion for restaurant meals.

Provenance Potatoes, with their dedicated and passionate grower group, have built sustainable practices into every stage of the potato process, from field to fork. As a group, we dig deeper to care for the land and our natural environment through precise crop modelling, careful soil management and planting of pollinator mixes to encourage biodiversity. We ensure decisions made today make a positive impact on the future of local agricultural production.