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7th June 2023

Enjoy a Kentish Garden Cocktail with The Maidstone Distillery

As the sun shines on the rolling green hills of the Kentish countryside, we take a moment to be grateful that we get to live in such a lush landscape.

June really does bring the Garden of England to life, and we love sitting back and soaking in the scenery on a warm June weekend. What better way to celebrate the Garden of England than by enjoying our refreshing Kentish Garden cocktail, featuring Ranscombe Wild Small Batch Gin, made only with locally-foraged botanicals?

To create a Kentish Garden, you’ll need:

– A Highball Glass

– Ice

– Ranscombe Wild Small Batch Gin

– Fever Tree Premium Soda Water

– Fresh Limes

– Honey

– Apple Juice

– Elderflower Liqueur (or cordial)

– Fresh Mint

1. Add a teaspoon of Honey, 15ml Elderflower Liqueur, 50ml Apple Juice, 50ml Ranscombe Wild Gin, 4-5 Fresh Lime wedges and 6 Mint leaves to your highball glass and muddle well.

2. Add a handful of good quality ice to the glass and mixture.

3. Top up with of FeverTree Premium Soda Water and gently stir the mixture to bring it up through the ice.

4. Elevate this serve further by adding a garnish of Fresh Mint Leaves.


The Maidstone Distillery

We are reinstating the tradition of Maidstone pioneer and Master Distiller, George Bishop, who created quality and world-renowned spirits from our county town back in 1785.