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Northdown brewery work

11th February 2021

Exciting collaboration between NorthDown Brewery in Margate & beer & gardening enthusiasts!

Needing a lockdown project?

Hop Along Thanet is a community project to get the locals involved.

YOU grow the hops, WE here at NorthDown Brewery, brew the beer & then we ALL drink the beer 🍻 🍃

For just £20 membership, HAT will source the & supply the hop rhizomes & offer advice & support to members regarding growing & harvesting techniques.
Hop bines are not difficult to grow but take 3 years to produce a full crop - so we need to get growing! 🍃

Head over to Facebook Hop Along Thanet for more info or email

This will be one helluva of a p*ss up in a brewery at the end!! 🍻🍻

Hop Along Thanet Northdown Brewery

Hop Along Thanet Northdown Brewery