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Margate Quiz Trail

15th March 2024

Exploring Margate with a Quiz Trail

Have fun with a Quiz Trail – explore in a new way! We love sharing the Kent history we discover! In spring discover more about one of our fantastic Kent towns this summer – maybe Sandwich or Tenterden or Sevenoaks? Here’s are lively tales from Margate!

Margate is without a doubt, one of Great Britain’s most famous seaside towns - who can think of Margate without the cheerful Chas and Dave song coming to mind ... “You can keep your Costa Brava and all that palava. Me, I’d rather have a day down at Margate”.

Ronnie Biggs, of The Great Train Robbery crime famously said during his exile in Brazil that his one great wish was to be able to have a cool pint of beer in a pub on the Margate seafront.

In Big Brother series 7, filmed in 2006, ‘Big Brother’ briefly went on holiday to Margate and left the housemates under the rule of ‘Automated Big Brother’.

Del Boy and gang of the Only Fools and Horses TV show enjoyed one of their most famous episodes of their escapades in Margate on ‘The Jolly Boys Outing’. They are shown enjoying a fabulous day out at Dreamland. Dreamland is a Margate treasure with a rich history and it’s a fabulous place to visit to enjoy fun family festivals, twenty-five thrilling rides, huge music events and the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the country - The Scenic Railway.

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