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12th July 2019

Find Harringtons at Morrisons

Harrington Foods are delighted to announce that you can now pick up a bottle of the strangely addictive Benenden Sauce at 8 Morrison’s stores across Kent. We have been introducing our unique sauce to shoppers in a series of in store tastings and getting great feedback from shoppers. “We always love the reaction when customers try Benenden sauce for the first time, they can’t describe it but they know they like it! “said Amelia Harrington, the 2nd generation of the Harrington family to be involved in the business. “Working with Morrison’s, as well as other local retailers means even more customers can get hold of Benenden Sauce “ Benenden Sauce is unlike any other salad dressing. It's sweet, tastes of garlic, separates, needs a lot of shaking and is an odd red colour. Most certainly it is not to everyone's taste, however… crowds of people love it. Unlike most salad dressings, it’s also versatile, you can use it on everything, from pasta, fish, barbecues, omelettes, to venison, duck or grilled goat's cheese on focaccia. The possibilities are endless! You can find out your nearest supplier via the website.