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18th October 2023

Finisterre and Pelegrims Partner to Create “Vineyard to Sea” Skincare Collection

Finisterre, the surfwear brand committed to creating sustainable products, and Pelegrims, the vineyard to skin skincare brand, announced a collaboration to create a limited-edition collection of high potency skincare products for sea lovers.

In 2022 a team from Pelegrims came to St Agnes, Cornwall, to meet the Finisterre team and forage for local plants that could be used in skincare extractions and formulations. Over the next few months of research we chose one of the most abundant coastal plants – Wild Gorse – for its skin firming and tightening benefits. A small amount of cuttings were taken and sent back to the Pelegrims lab and over a 3 month process, the final extract was made for a limited edition range of potent skincare products.

The collection includes a Post Sea Remedy Oil, a Lip Salve and a Hand Pomade

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Pelegrims is a newly launched “low intervention, single vineyard” skincare from the heart of the North Downs