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Fudge Kitchen Peanut Brittle Box

14th August 2019

Fudge Kitchen win 6 Great Taste Awards!

SIX 2019 Great Taste Awards for Fudge Kitchen’s hand made fudges, caramels and brittles, including 2 Gold Stars for their vegan friendly Peanut Brittle …


In a bumper year for Fudge Kitchen, every entry bar one won a 2019 Great Taste Award. The resulting six awards brings their total up to 22 GTAs, which now include, all new-for-2019 ….

• Blackcurrant & Liquorice Gourmet Butter Fudge

• Rhubarb & Custard Gourmet Butter Fudge

• Speculoos Caramel

• Vegan-friendly Peanut Brittle (2 Gold Stars)

• Vegan-friendly Pumpkin Seed & Sunflower Brittle

• Lemongrass & Chili Brittle


What the Great Taste Award judges said about them …

The triumphant fudges …

Both fudge winners come from the newly launched 15-piece Tuck Shop Sharer Selection (left) of hand made, hand decorated fudges, which showcases five retro sweet flavours immortalized in gourmet fudge: Pear Drop, Parma Violet, Lemon Sherbet, Blackcurrant & Liquorice and Rhubarb & Custard

Availability: and selected stockists

weight: 330g

RRP: £15

Blackcurrant & Liquorice Gourmet Butter Fudge

“An innovative idea, and a sophisticated-looking product. The flavour development is quite a surprise: long and complex, with strong, vibrant hits of blackcurrant and a gentle balance of earthy treacly liquorice. The texture is superb: intensely soft and creamy.”

“The liquorice flavour is quite subtle, but builds to leave a lasting finish, and there is also a fruitiness that gave it balance”

“Meltingly creamy and fruity fudge with the sweet aniseed flavour of the liquorice moving into the palate gently at the end. The aroma is definitely "old school" and pleasant. The judges particularly liked the fruity element and nostalgic note to this product.”

Rhubarb & Custard Gourmet Butter Fudge

“Such a pretty product. Lovely differentiation of layers and fresh vibrant colours. The flavour is undeniably rhubarb, and has the sweetness that you expect from fudge.”

“Really attractive appearance, with the defined layers between the pink rhubarb and the fudge …The flavour of the rhubarb was surprisingly convincing, and there was a good level of acidity to help balance the sweet fudge. There was a good level of anticipated butteriness, and the judges also enjoyed the smooth texture … fun, and well executed.”

“This is clever. The judges really liked the contrast of the tart rhubarb flavour and the rich buttery fudge. It has a vanilla custard flavour. Made with skill and judgement.

The victorious caramel …

As with all Fudge Kitchen caramels, the GTA-winning Speculoos Caramel, which will join a four-strong caramels range - is made in small 7kg batches, using fresh whipping cream, which is hand worked on marble for 15 minutes for the perfect creamy smoothness, coated in milk chocolate and individually hand decorated.

Availability: TBC

Speculoos Caramels

“Immediate flavour of Christmas, mulled wine and deep dark caramel. The texture of the caramel was absolutely perfect with a satisfying chew but not so sticky as to make your fillings fall out! “

“An innovative chocolate with a very tasty caramel centre, and great appearance.”

The winning brittles …

Part of a range of four hand made brittles. Like the caramels, each is made in small 7kg batches and poured onto marble tables, where it is stretched by hand for 15 minutes as it cools for the perfect thinness and optimum snap. The entire process takes an artisan confectioner a full hour.

Weight: 125g

RRP: £6.50

Availability: plus selected stockists

Vegan-friendly Peanut Brittle

“A really appealing, convincing peanut aroma and generous showing of the peanuts that draws you in. The texture had a great crunch and crisp bite, perfectly judged and not overly hard. The flavour was wonderfully balanced, with the perfect ratio of salt and sweet elements and a very natural and rich peanut flavour. The judges found these to be incredibly moreish, and an excellent length of finish, great texture and a superb balance.”

“Bright shiny appearance with an incredible crunch, this has a wonderful intense peanut flavour. The peanuts are incredibly fresh and the brittle very rich. Very well balanced, a real treat that has been thoughtfully made with good ingredients.”

Lemongrass & Chilli Brittle

“Visually has the wow factor with great sheen, colour and size of pieces. Congratulations on creating something so different!”

“A different take on peanut brittle, with well chosen ingredients. The lemon is prominent on the nose and initially on the palate with the chilli following through along with the crunch of the peanut ...”

“An innovative concept with an astoundingly clear lemongrass aroma. We liked the crunch and the hit of salt. The chilli and lemongrass notes in here are strong on the taste buds … we very much admired the idea …”

“Surprisingly spicy and intensely flavourful, this peanut brittle is really innovative. Long lasting flavour and excellent texture, the perfect chew and crunchy nuts. Can't wait to eat this with a cold glass of white wine …”

Vegan-friendly Pumpkin Seed & Sunflower Seed Brittle

“A warm creamy colour and the shine is attractive. The generous distribution of seeds adds both visual appeal and great texture, and the flavour of the brittle is really smooth and creamy with the right level of sweetness.”

“Packed with plump seeds and an excellent crunchy bite that isn't too sticky. Very delicious combination”