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Wildflower Meadow

18th July 2022

Full Bloom in July at edibleculture

It's been a hot, dry July so far and we've been busy keeping our plants watered as well as enjoying the sunshine. Dry times like this can be quite stressful for us gardeners, but we have plenty of drought resistant plants you might like to try in your garden.

How about scented pelargoniums – we grow these not only for their strongly scented leaves that come in all sorts of fun fragrances such as cola bottle, rose, and lemon but also for the beautiful pink flowers that bloom numerous times throughout the year if you keep them deadheaded well. They are not only great when placed in a sunny spot on a windowsill or near a seating area so you can enjoy the aroma, but can also be used for pot pourri or making syrup akin to elderflower. They will not tolerant dampness or very cold weather, so best planted in pots or containers that can either be brought indoors in winter, fleeced, or just positioned next to the home where they will benefit from the residual heat. Cut back in late autumn once flowering has finished.

Our lovely team member Tim has been working hard for the last few months designing, landscaping and planting up a garden trail. The idea behind this was to make the garden area as accessible to our visitors as possible, along with enhancing the biodiversity and habitat within the nursery. If you visit you will find a lovely flat and non-slip path, handmade signage and shady seating area, a beautiful wildflower meadow and a diverse range of native trees, shrubs along with herbs and flowering perennials all of which we sell at the nursery. Come and take a wander in the peace and quiet next time you visit us!

Throughout July we are running sales on different plants. We currently have offers on shrubs and all our herbs. Come up and browse the selection and grab yourself a bargain and remember you can enjoy the new Garden Trail too.

Chris, Dave, Laura and Tim x