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Romney M Arsh Wools Gardeners gift box

17th May 2023

Get garden ready with Romney Marsh Wools' new gardeners' gift box

Romney Marsh Wools is delighted to announce their brand new Gardening Gift Box, just in time for spring and summer!

With 100% wool pellets, nesting wool, luxury lanolin soap, hand and body lotion all wrapped up into one single box - this is the ultimate gift for gardeners.

The bag of sustainable and bio-degradable wool pellets can be used as a natural fertiliser, releasing nutrients and acting as a barrier around the base of a plant to protect it from slugs and snails.

The nesting wool can be used to help wild birds make cosy nests, and the toiletries are made with luxury lanolin - the naturally occurring fat in wool, which helps to protect skin against the environment.

It's the perfect gift for avid gardeners, or just those who are feeling inspired by the upcoming Chelsea Flower Show and would like to get started in gardening.

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