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17th October 2022

Get winter ready with Romney Marsh Wools

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, what better way to get cosy than to snuggle down with some locally produced natural wool products?

Refresh your inner cushions

Fluffy, soft and cosy - that's how we'd describe any item filled with Romney Marsh Wools inner cushion pads. Produced in a variety of sizes to fit their cushion covers, their inner cushion pads are all filled with the fleece of their very own Romney sheep. One benefit of using wool stuffing is that it helps to regulate your body temperature - keeping you cool in the summer, and super warm in the winter! Not to mention that they're also naturally hypoallergenic, and dust, mould and mildew resistant.

Wrap up in a Blackthorn Snuggle this season

This weather definitely has everyone wanting to snuggle up into some warm and cosy bedding. Did you know that wool is fantastic at helping you regulate your body temperature at night? Its natural qualities means it keeps you cool when it's hot, and warm when it's not. At Romney Marsh Wools, their snuggles and throws are made of Romney wool - making them cosy, warm and long-lasting for winter. They make the perfect gift or treat for yourself, and are great for snuggling up into on a rainy day.

Wear Romney Marsh Wools wrist warmers for trickle treating…

Made from 100% pure Merino and Romney Wool, Romney Marsh Wools' wrist warmers will keep you snug and cosy throughout the cold seasons. Perfect for apple picking, daily errands, and trick or treating, you can purchase Romney Marsh Wools wrist warmers in light or dark, not to mention that they're fully sustainable and long-lasting. Wool is designed to regulate your temperature - keeping you super warm when it's cold, making these wrist warmers a must-buy this season. Why not purchase one for yourself, and another for a friend this Christmas?

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