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18th January 2023

Getting Creative With Kakawa Artisan Chocolate

Animate Arts is a small, but mighty not-for-profit organisation working across Kent.

They engage 1000s of young people of all ages, schools and communities in brilliant creative experiences every year. The passionate artist team who lead the projects believe that creativity is an important ingredient to wellbeing. And now, they are adding an extra delicious ingredient into the mix – Kent produced chocolate!

Partnering with Kakawa Artisan Chocolate based in Faversham, the two companies have designed a range of flavoured chocolate bars The three limited edition chocolate bars have been hand-crafted by Kakawa’s head chocolatier, and wrapped in a beautiful, artist illustrated box. The milk chocolate range includes Hazelnut & Honeycomb, Brownies and Marshmallow, and the popular ‘Dinocorn’ bar, designed by 6 year old artist Tyler, who won a chocolate bar design competition with his part-dinosaur and part-unicorn chocolate recipe!

Every bar purchased will raise vital funds for Animate Arts to continue delivering art projects across Kent. From family art workshops in libraries to whole school art projects this summer, there is no need to feel guilty about eating chocolate. Every bite will help fundraise for community art projects across Kent, benefiting local schools and communities, whilst also supporting small businesses like Kakawa Artisan to continue creating some of Kent’s best chocolate!

If you would like to support the campaign and do your bit by eating/gifting some chocolate, you can purchase any of the bars from

If you are a stockist would like to add these chocolate bars to your stock, please contact Kakawa Artisan.

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