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16th November 2022

Greensand Ridge Releases Two Fruit Spirits From Local Surplus Produce

In keeping with their ethos of making spirits with locally sourced surplus produce, Greensand Ridge Distillery has extended its range of fruit spirits, adding an Apricot and a Mango Eau-de-Vie.

The French term for ‘water of life’, Eau-de-vie, is the traditional name for unaged fruit spirits. Greensand Ridge already makes Plum and Apple spirits which they age in oak casks to become brandies.

The Apricot Eau-de-Vie was made from fruit too large or blemished for supermarket sales and picked at a farm six miles away from the distillery, while the Mango spirit was made from waste fruit from a UK importer based in Kent, as a consequence of ‘cut tests’ to assess quality around the stone.

Founder and Head Distiller Will Edge says the Apricot Eau-de-vie will remain a part of their core range. “In Eastern Europe where fruit brandies are more common than Gin, Apricot Spirit is considered to be the Champagne of the category. It is a superb expression of what an Eau-de-Vie can be - pure, flavourful and strong.”

The Mango version, meanwhile, is planned as a limited edition release. “I only know of one other Mango Spirit in the world” says Edge, “we made ours as a fun and unique special release and are excited to see what people think of this crazy spirit.”

Both spirits require the fruits to be fermented before they are distilled to extract the alcohol and fruit aromatics. Once distilled, only pure water is added with no other flavorings, additives or colors. The clear spirits lend themselves perfectly to cocktails in place of Gin, or to be sipped neat.

As well as being made with surplus, the releases are distilled with renewable power, with no single use water, made with zero chemicals, and packaged without plastic.

It’s an approach which won them the Marie Claire Sustainability Award 2021 and Gin Magazine’s Sustainable Distillery of the Year 2020.

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