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19th September 2023

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We love sharing the Kent history we discover!

In September enjoy the late summer discovering more about one of our fantastic Kent towns – maybe Rochester, Faversham, West Malling or our city Canterbury? Here’s a famous visitor to West Malling.

George Orwell was the pen name of Eric Arthur Blair - a world famous author of the 1930s and onwards who coined some expressions we use today in common language ... such as Big Brother, Room 101, Cold War, Thought Police and Thought Crime. His two most famous books being 1984 and Animal Farm. George stayed voluntarily at the West Malling workhouse in 1931 when he was aged 28. He gave hop picking a go at ‘Blest’s Farm, near West Malling. He kept diaries of his times and in another of his novels, ‘The Clergyman’s Daughter’, published in 1935, he wrote extensively of his experiences. He concluded “For as a matter of fact hop-picking is far from being a holiday, and, as far as wages go, no worse employment exists.”

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