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Bohemian Treats June 23

12th June 2023

How does Petra from Bohemian Treats get the Strawberries perfect in her Strawberry Crumble Slices?

Here's a little tip to help you with your strawberry baking.....

Strawberries are very hard fruit to bake with as they contain too much water.
Here is a little tip how to prepare your strawberries before hand.

You will need:

500g of strawberries (cut into pieces)

120g of sugar

Juice from 1 large lemon

1 tsp of Vanilla

2 tbsp of cornflour

Over medium heat boil all the ingredients in the saucepan. Reduce heat to a simmer and allow the mixtures cook down until thickened (it should take about 10 minutes). Remove it from heat and et it cool completely. When your mixture is nice and chilled you can now use it in your Crumble slices, or other treats.

Happy Baking Everyone!!!

And if that sounds like too much faff - let Petra do the hard work for you - check out her website to see where you can pick some of her treats up. All I’m saying is, these are a necessary addition to your life this summer!!!