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Archies Sea Glass

20th January 2022

How Seaglass by Archie came to exist...

Charlotte Broster, photographer & writer chats to Archie about how she started her business.

It started with a birthday card.

It was embellished with tiny pieces of sea glass. Enclosed was a photograph of the artist and her golden Labrador paddling in the sea. Her name was Archie. She was a fellow Kent girl. A kindred spirit?

I contacted her and a week later we met up so I could shoot some befitting images for @seaglassbyarchie I arrived at her secret beach with my camera, scanned the shoreline and zoned in on a woman on her hands and knees sifting through shingle with a canine companion.

Bolt woofed and wagged his tail as I approached. Archie beamed.

“I moved to Kent in 2018,” she explained, “and started walking Bolt on the beaches. Like a magpie, I began collecting sea glass. My friends and family teased me and said, ‘but what are you going to do with all of this stuff?’ and that’s when I started making sea glass cards.”

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Sea Glass by Archie