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15th May 2023

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Espresso Machine

A quick and easy guide from Mont58...

Bean-To-Cup and home Barista machines are getting more and more popular and mean we can all learn to be baristas and have our favourite Flat Whites at home for a fraction of the price. But all too often we get customers saying to us that they can’t seem to get a good cup out of their machines. So if your Espresso is too watery, too runny or takes ages to come out - Don't worry, help is at hand!

There are three factors you can play with to get the perfect shot:

☕ Make sure you use the right quantity of coffee. This depends on the size of your Portafilter. Most common is 20-22g for a double shot.

☕ Adjust your grinder to a finer setting so the grounds resist the water pressure for longer and extract the coffee properly.

☕ Make sure you tamp the coffee firmly enough to compress the grounds. This will also improve extraction.

When it comes to milk - For the perfect froth, you'll need to practice using your steam wand. Use gentle movements up and down to dip the wants in and out of the milk. To create the microfoam you'll want to generate a whirlwind effect for the milk and mainly leave the wand close to the surface, and keep checking the milk temperature. Aim for 60-65 degrees.

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