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31st May 2018

Introducing.....Fairseat Farm Eggs

Hello everyone, we are new members of Produced in Kent, and this is our first e-bulletin. We are very excited to have joined and are looking forward to meeting fellow members over the coming months. Who are we? Previously known as K Durrant and Sons. We are a family run business established in 1955. Originally owned and run by Keith Durant and his two sons George and Robert. We produced eggs in the small village of Fairseat here in Kent, hence our name. We are still local to Fairseat having relocated back in 2012 to our new base here on Goose Farm, Hodsoll Street. Keith now enjoying retirement, we are owned and managed by George Durrant and Steve Forrest. The firm operates from our modern packing station in the heart of Kent. Many of our staff have been with the company for over thirty years, and with over sixty years’ experience in the egg industry we are well placed to help you with all your egg requirements. We supply top quality eggs from all types of production, and pride ourselves on the quality of both the eggs we sell and the service we provide to our customers. If you sell or use eggs we can cater for you orders large or small. As a retailer for you we have all the usual pack sizes you would expect to find, some packs are even customizable to your outlet, adding your details to the pack to give that extra local touch. As a caterer for you, we introduced our Yes Chef service this year. Giving you the chef, one less thing to worry about. We add an extra label to your packaging and your invoices. This label displays all the farm and egg code details, best before dates, even food miles. This gives you full providence and traceability long after you have used the eggs and the packaging involved has been lost. We provide a certificate tied to the scheme, along with any copies of any relevant accreditation and testing certificates for the production of our eggs. Why not give us a try?