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18th January 2023

Introducing: Made from Plants

Made from Plants are one of the 125 Kent food & drink businesses signed up to the Boost Your Business scheme

Made From Plants was born in 2017. Having gone vegan two years previously I wanted to showcase the beautiful and tasty alternatives to animal based baking, and food in general.

Having always wanted to open a bakery, I stumbled across a shop premises to let near where we lived in South East London. On a whim, I rang the landlord, relayed my vision, and he gave me a 10 year lease on the shop! Made From Plants was opened in July of 2017 as a bakery and shop, serving the local community of Crystal Palace/Anerley.

Once Covid came and all the difficulties it brought with it, we decided to relocate to Margate and carry on, but in a different way.

We have now been trading at Kent based markets and events for nearly two year, as well as online.

We specialise in plant-based pastries and bread based products such as Sausagy Rolls, Pies, Focaccia, Cinnamon Buns, Croissants and vegan versions of traditional sweet and savoury baked goods.

We offer bespoke and catering services as well as advice to anyone who may wish to learn more about embracing a plant-based lifestyle.

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Made From Plants

We’re a vegan bakehouse, offering sweet and savoury plant-based bakes.