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23rd February 2021

Introducing our newest Industry Partner: Rise Communications

Why is Rise Communications keen to work with Pink in particular?

We first became aware of Produced in Kent when we looked after the PR for the Freewheel Cycling Café in Graveney, nr Whitstable. The Freewheel was unique in that it was not just a pub that served great home cooked locally sourced food, but also a working cycling repair shop and a must go to pit stop for cyclists.

We noticed that many of the café’s suppliers are members of Pink so we encouraged the owner to do the same. This would not only promote him to a larger audience but also reassure his customers that by stopping off at The Freewheel Cycling Café they also get to taste some of Kent’s finest products in the form of food, soft drinks, local ales and ciders.

The Rise team are no strangers to food PR and in previous employment Jo learned her PR craft looking after brands such as Hovis, Mothers Pride and Nimble after a career that began at the Food and Drink Federation. Then, in 2015, we became the PR and Marketing consultancy for National Fish and Chip Day, which has grown to become one of the UK’s most popular food awareness days. As well as running National Fish and Chip Day, the team is currently preparing to launch, National Bagel Day UK which will be held in September 2021.

We are currently looking for supporters of National Bagel Day and if any of Pink members would like to get involved please email

We also offer free PR support to offenders who are keen to get into the food industry, both in setting up new business ventures and also face to face support at farmers markets and street markets.

Pink members are currently faced with many challenges: no physical events to meet customers and buyers, lost B2B trade, strict social distancing regulations, the end of the EU transition period – how can Rise Communications help businesses navigate through this volatile economic climate?

We have seen face to face the challenges that Pink members have faced during the past 11 months but have also read remarkable stories on how your members have transformed their operations to fit in with the current pandemic restrictions. With farm shops staying open and click and collect becoming the norm, buying local has never felt as important as it is now.

We believe that if you don’t promote something terrible happens ….. nothing, this is where Rise can help out. We can give Pink members that extra bit of PR and Marketing support they need – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth! Marketing your business has to carry on - whether it’s a new product idea, a product launch, virtual focus group or help with organising a PR campaign, we have the knowledge and team to do it.

What positives have come out of the Covid crisis that you feel our members, with your support, can build on going forward?

The way we interact with our customers, the helpful service that many members give their customers and going the extra mile. As we said in previous question, buying local has never felt so important. Let’s embrace this and make buying local at the top of all our grocery lists!

Social media has also grown to greater importance (and annoyance) during the past 12 months and where members may not be able to spend thousands of pounds on an e-commerce website, they can do just as well selling their goods through the many social media platforms.

Finally, as a nation through default, we have become more patient throughout the pandemic. Instead of being on the phone moaning where our food delivery is, we are learning to sit back and wait as we visualise the owners, staff and packers struggling to meet the increased demands.