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5th April 2022

Introducing our newest Industry Partner: To the Moon Marketing

Floortje Hoette, CEO of Produced in Kent caught up with Troy from To the Moon Marketing to learn more about their business.

1. Why is To The Moon Marketing keen to work with Pink in particular?

Having worked for several years in London on an international level it was important for both Jim & Troy (Company Directors) when they founded To The Moon Marketing to have a strong impact on the local businesses and to help by offering support by establishing an agency that does not operate on a remote basis but with a Kent based office, with a local team in each department focused on meeting businesses face to face and actually understanding their business, their products or services and their target customers. Having both lived in Kent for over 15 years our belief is that Kent is great because of what it offers and this needs to be protected. We live in The Garden of England, we love The Garden of England! PINK affords us the opportunity to extend that support to a key part of Kent’s culture, the food and drinks sector. We want to help preserve and strengthen all that is great about the beautiful county of Kent. We want to be part of helping businesses find growth and for consumers to see all that is great about local produce and supporting local businesses and how this also benefits them in the long run.

2. The ways in which we market our business has changed hugely in the past five years with social media and video content taking central stage. How can To The Moon Marketing navigate our members through this new marketing landscape?

The greatest change over the past couple of years has been how accessible marketing has become to businesses of all sizes. Historically the channels for marketing (television, radio, billboards etc) were limited to larger sized businesses due to their associated costs and did not always guarantee that your desired audience would be watching, listening or viewing your adverts. Today businesses of all sizes are able to reach their desired target audiences both affordably and directly. But with this accessibility it means there is more competing content online and the importance of video content has risen rapidly, particularly in social media marketing. Video content watched online is rising year on year (15 times the amount since 2016), Studies have shown that video content gets more engagement than other content types, it also usually sticks around for longer. A standard post can fall down your timeline or wall over time, whereas video can continue to reappear for weeks, months or sometimes even years after the original post date. Video is easy for customers to digest, to learn about your service, your product or to give an insight to your business, its ethos and what it stands for. It allows people the opportunity to identify with your business. At To The Moon Marketing we have a saying which is “Find Your Story & Tell It”. Every business or product has a story. We need to find that story and tell it. In a world where content is in abundance and competing online, your business needs to stand out. We offer several different solutions to aid your business in their video marketing strategies, from full scale productions, content creation subscriptions or training on how you can become more fluent in house. We are Kent based and love meeting businesses face to face in our office to explore the opportunities on a completely no obligation basis.

3. What positives have come out of the Covid crisis that you feel our members, with your support, can build on going forward?

If businesses should of learnt anything from the Covid pandemic it should have been the importance of your online presence. Your online presence is your DIGITAL STORE FRONT. Historically brick & mortar stores would pay great attention to how their shop windows were dressed, their storefronts were presented and their branding was represented in order to entice customers in to the building. Today in a society consumed by technology and more accepting of making purchase decisions online it has never been more important to ensure that your business has strong online presence. Whilst websites are an essential tool for every business, tools such as social media should not be ignored. At To The Moon Marketing we define a website as reactive marketing, this means when a customer has decided to make a purchase they search for the product or service and your website is a reactive result. We define social media as proactive marketing, this means that you are putting your business in front of your customers telling them “hey you made need or want this product or service”. The benefit of proactive marketing is you can help to avoid your potential customers conducting a search and you being at risk of losing them to a competitor. By placing your business in front of your tin making sure your online presence is represented in a trustworthy and informative way. Video marketing is one of the many great tools used to help sell. Google studies have shown that customers are more likely to navigate towards watching a 2-3 minute video rather than reading about a product or service and that 84% of people retain information better when presented in a video production. Video can now be used across multiple platforms, your website, your social media and as parts of email campaigns updating your customers. Video is also a gateway for customers to have an insight in to your business, people tend to make purchasing decisions based on products they identify with or businesses they feel secure with. Your video productions can help all of this.