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24th November 2020

Introducing Sand Creative

1. Why is Sand Creative keen to work with Pink in particular?

I started Sand Creative 5 years ago with my partner Isabel Harvey and we joined Produced in Kent straight away. We were keen to work with Produced in Kent to provide design services to businesses of all sizes, from startups to more established businesses such as Shepherd Neame and Curd & Cure. In that time we have picked up 6 top design awards for our work, including a couple of designs for Produced in Kent member Shepherd Neame.

Our business plan is simple: ‘create beautifully crafted, well thought out, effective packaging and brand identity.'

Having worked as a design director for 14 years at one of the UK's top branding agencies (Jones Knowles Ritchie), I have the experience of the big London design agencies.
Being the Creative Director and designer at Sand Creative I can offer top quality design work and a direct friendly professional service at a reduced rate to Produced in Kent members.

I’ll also soon be offering 4 free 1 hour discussions about member's branding on a first come first served basis via zoom with absolutely no obligation to go any further.

2. Pink members are currently faced with many challenges: no physical events to meet customers and buyers, lost B2B trade, a second national lockdown, a potentially hard Brexit – how important is a good brand in this volatile economic climate?
Understandably this year has been really tough for so many businesses and we can only hope there will be some sort of return to normality by next spring.

I sympathise as loss of trade for clients can mean tighter budgets which can have a knock on effect for us too. Good branding in this volatile climate is very important. Customers are very aware small businesses, forced to temporarily close, are struggling.

If customers can still access your product easily they are often willing to show solidarity.
It’s important that the brand reciprocates by understanding their needs at this crucial time also.

Many of my clients are going out of their way to lower prices, offer wider delivery and
adapt ecommerce aspects to their websites.

A distinctive brand identity with packaging that stands out, and using the right tone of voice is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. Great memorable packaging makes people feel good. It’s also a great way of having an advert for your product on the shelf in their home.

3. What positives have come out of the Covid crisis that you feel our members, with your support, can build on going forward?
Each business faces different challenges. Depending on where the product is sourced they may have increased postal rates, ingredient prices may have risen, their market may have shrunk. The crisis may have even caused increased competition or driven consumers to buy elsewhere.

I believe people are genuinely optimistic and can’t wait to get back to ‘normality’ and that time will come. Going to markets, going out, generally enjoying being with people again whether that's at festivals or other events.

Branding and packaging is still vitally important. It’s the customer's connection with your brand.

We are here to assist PinK businesses with their branding and packaging so they’re ready for when the time comes to get back to a more steady way of life.