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18th January 2023

January with Rebel Farmer

Rebel Farmer are one of the 125 Kent food & drink businesses signed up to the Boost Your Business scheme

It is an exciting time of year with the light slowly increasing and thoughts of the growing season starting. We have continued to enrich our permanent beds here locally in Brook at Rebel Farmer HQ with applications of home made compost being applied ready for a bumper season of chemical-free agriculture.

We have plans for lots of variety and colour again, concentrating on nutrition over yield. Rebel Farmer looks to grow what you can't find anywhere else locally and using new specialist tools that have increased our efficiency to be able to keep prices locked for most products.

Expect lots of leafy greens from March onwards.

Heirloom Kale and colourful Chard

Red, green and frilly mustards,

Mizuna, tat soi and pak choi,

Rocket, lettuce and purslane,

Locally foraged wild garlic and hedgerow herbs also available

These will be followed up with radish, turnip and beetroot as we head towards a summer of rare and heirloom courgettes, cucumbers and our speciality tomatoes along with the french and climbing pole beans.

In the meantime we have our year-round Microgreens bursting with flavour and nutrition to liven up any plate.
They can be up to 40x as nutritional dense as their adult counterparts

Sunflower shoots are becoming more and more popular as a stand alone side salad. We really recommend you give them a try.

You can purchase from or find Ed at Wye Farmers Market every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month.

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Rebel Farmer

Rebel Farmer promotes and produces local seasonal food, ethically grown on a smaller scale.