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Paul Babra and Robot

19th July 2023

Karara Feeds Future Knowledge

I was really amazed, thrilled and privileged to be invited to get involved in a discussion with PhD students, academics and researchers. Brought together from different fields to look at new solutions to opportunities and problems that are visible now and some we haven’t yet foreseen?

Professor Berry Billingsley project inspired Experts in Astronomy, Oceanography and AI (Artificial Intelligence) experts engaged in conversation at the Epistemic Insight ‘Future of Knowledge’ held at the Canterbury Christ Church College Augustine House on 13 July.

A variety of my authentic home cooked KARARA FOODS nibbles, range of spice mixes, pickles, sauces including Ferocious & Dynamite were tasted and tested!

One day, will there be a Robot that falls in love…
Can a Robot have a sense of curiosity…

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Born in Jodhpur, in northern Indian, Paul Babra has many fond memories of his mother and aunts making traditional chutneys, preserves and pickles, filling his childhood home with heady aromas.