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Speciality Bread Kentish Huffkins

29th October 2018

Kentish Huffkins

For a true taste of Kent, nothing comes closer than the Kentish Huffkin, cherry picked by the cherry pickers themselves’. The Red Tractor bakers of Margate, Speciality Breads Limited, are quite rightly proud of their Kentish Huffkin. Traditionally made with stoneground flour and slowly-proved to produce a rich bread boasting a soft crumb and crust. In olden times, each Huffkin bore the thumbprint of the baker and the indentation was used to hold a cherry from the harvest. Speciality Breads Huffkins are great for breakfast, spectacular as accompaniment to a tasty ploughman’s lunch and obviously super with winter warming soups. However, for an exciting contemporary twist to afternoon tea in the winter, serve the Huffkins with hot spiced cherries and mascarpone cheese; guaranteed to bring a smile. For further details and information on stockists go to