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21st April 2022

Lavender plants for the garden are now available at Castle Farm

Garden pots of our hand-picked Lavender varieties are now available at the farm shop and online!

Sold only in large pots at 2 years old, our Lavender varieties have been chosen for the beautiful flowering and scent… plus, we are ensuring the plants are well established with solid root growth! Plant them now and enjoy flowering through the summer season.

All our Lavender plants are;

  • English-grown to avoid the risk of imported plant viruses
  • Castle Farm approved varieties, with excellent flowering colour and scent
  • 2 years old, well established in a 2 litre pot
  • Great for attracting bees and butterflies, drying and using as a culinary herb or drying for craft purposes.
  • Provided with full planting, growing and pruning information sheets


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Castle Farm

Castle Farm is the largest Lavender farm in the UK.