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Tomney Marsh Wool tie

7th June 2023

Limited Edition Ties & Other Treats for Dad from Romney Marsh Wools

Limited edition Romney Marsh Wools ties

Give your dad the gift of luxury this June, with Romney Marsh Wools' limited edition ties. Available in three colours, the ties are made with 100% wool and are perfect for those who love the countryside. They're limited edition, too, so get yours hands on one before they go! Romney Marsh Wools is pleased to also be offering 10% off all ties Father's Day! Buy yours, here.

10% off selected items for Father's Day

Romney Marsh Wools is delighted to be offering 10% off selected items, including their most popular men's gift box for Father's Day this month. The gift box includes a set of our popular moccasins, which are made using 100% pure Romney wool. Also in the box are a pair of walking buddies, and lanolin bath soap. Buy yours here.

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