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1st September 2021

Local Chips!

Chips, fries, frites, it doesn’t matter what they’re called, the secret to crispy perfection is really down to the type of potato used.

Chips are one of the most popular foods in the UK and we take creating the perfect chip, very seriously. All Provenance Chipping potatoes are selected from local farmers who grow and store specific varieties perfect for frying throughout the season. Our aim is to produce as ‘sustainable’ a chip as possible by using potatoes grown no more than fourteen miles from our pack house, keeping food miles to a minimum and packing into compostable and recyclable paper sacks. Working with the best farmers, we support them through seed selection, growing, harvesting and storage, an approach which helps to reduce waste in the field and store but keeps a consistently high quality. We have full traceability right back to each farmer, this way, we can see the exact field where your chips came from!

Last month, harvest 2021 started at C J Bean and E H Holdstock, lifting the early Sagitta variety. Harvesting will continue through September and October at E H Holdstock and H W Twyman with Ramos and Markies, both storage varieties to ensure twelve month supply of Kent produced chips.