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4th May 2021

Local Supplier Reveals 100%+ Sales Increase AND How UK has Increased Coffee Drinking this Year

With most of the UK taking on new work patterns over the past year, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company have revealed how the UK has turned to coffee in the midst of it all.

After surveying over 2,000 coffee drinkers, the hot drink suppliers have revealed that 22% of the UK are drinking more coffee than ever before.

Tea and Coffee have also revealed an impressive increase in transactions and revenue by 117% and 138% respectively. The suppliers have revealed this study as a celebration of their successes over the past 12 months.

Who’s Drinking More?

We can see that it is the younger generations looking to increase their coffee count too. One in four millennials are drinking more than this time last year and 16% of gen Zers are following suit.

The mature minds amongst us are drinking significantly less coffee over the past 12 months. Over 20% of the 45-54 age bracket are drinking less coffee with those aged 55-65+ taking on a partial coffee detox too.

As all regions of the UK came to a standstill for months, it comes with a shock that southerners have increased their caffeine intake the most compared to other coffee drinkers across England. Around 29% of residents in the south said that they increased their number of daily coffees as they longed for their office percolator to be switched back on.

Highest Increase of Caffeine:

  1. Greater London
  2. South East England
  3. North East England
  4. East Midlands
  5. East of England

What Are People Drinking?

In previous years, most consumers have opted for popular supermarket brands such as Nescafe and Illy or Kenco, however, during the last year our data shows a surge in independent suppliers and indie coffee brands. The increase in demand for independent coffee roasters has been fuelled by the millennials and gen Z who are drinking 20% and 16% more respectively.

Despite the surge in independent sales the UK still has a clear favourite for their coffee; Nescafe takes the crown with 34% of the votes, Kenco ranks in 2nd place with 15% of the votes.

A discrepancy between age groups and their coffee preferences can be seen in who drinks what at home. The older community are those funding the major coffee brands seen in supermarkets with Nescafe being the dominant brand for the elderly. Nescafe’s trust gives a good platform for guaranteed quality, the survey says. For youngsters we can see a more risk taking approach with 29% of 18-34 year olds opting for independent coffee brands where taste may be a little more exotic.

Factors When Selecting a Coffee

53% of coffee drinkers answered that taste is the most influencing factor when buying coffee. Only 17% make their decision based on the price. But where consumption increased the least in the UK, the importance of taste starts to dwindle and the importance of cost increases with people looking for a cheap caffeine boost above a tasty alternative.

But, it is much more than just the cost and taste people consider when going for their coffee of personal choice. The data from this study also uncovers that Brits value the sustainability of a coffee when shopping around. The rise of both eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainability as a hot button issue has been aided by woke generations looking to help a variety of products from fishing to clothing and toothbrushes to coffee.

Those aged 18-34 lead the way in terms of sustainability with both millennials and gen zers saying that a coffee with a good sustainable background is make or break when out shopping - 46% of those who consider sustainability when coffee shopping are youngsters.

For coffee drinkers over the age of 55, the sustainability ranking becomes a non-existent factor when coffee shopping. Instead, the convenience of the coffee starts to weigh in with 36% of respondents who say the ease of making a coffee is most important being aged 55+.

“This data really helps to highlight just how much coffee’s popularity has risen, not just in the past year but the previous five or even ten. It's great to see people paying more attention to independent brands as there are a lot more interesting coffee flavours outside of the supermarket. We are invested in bringing this to light - not just for us but for the industry as a whole.” Richard Smith - Managing Partner at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

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