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Beebee spices November 22

14th November 2022

Looking for flavour without the labour?

BeeBee Spices have the solution!

Beebee Spices know what life is like for busy people. I used to be in that place where I simply had no time to cook properly.

I always prefer freshly cooked over fast or frozen food, so I had to come up with something that complimented my busy life.

For quick flavour on the go, Hot Chilli Dip hits the spot. Not too hot, but hot enough to command your attention, this brightly coloured paste stands out.

Often I speak to people who immediately dismiss chilli products because they think all chillies are very hot. Although I work with chillies, I am not hot on very-hot food (pardon the punn) Anyway, for me, the flavour is more important than the heat, and all of our products showcase the unique flavour unique flavours of the chillies used, some of which have no heat at all because the chillies used are seedless.

One of the chillies I work with: the Carolina Cayenne, is interesting in colour, shape and flavour. Sweet, with enough heat to wake you up, this bold pepper is definitely worth having as a pantry staple - I love it!

Our hot chilli dip jars have captured these characters, just one table spoon to your pasta and life is good!

Why not Try this:

Boil a potato and cut in half. Spread a small amount of chilli dip on the potato and bake for 15 mins.

The flavour seeps into the potato and turns it into a beautiful, tasty accompaniment - so easy!

You can also drop in your pasta and enjoy a simple, flavourful meal.

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