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14th December 2020

Lost Sheep Coffee introduce 'Fifty Fifty' Nespresso compatible half-caffeine compostable capsules!

A first of its kind for the UK and maybe the world!

Although we haven’t had time to check the world as we’ve been to busy hand roasting our delicious speciality coffee.

“With more people than ever now drinking coffee at home due to the pandemic, it is important to be conscious of your caffeine intake. But your caffeine intake is something that most of us never even think about at all in our daily life. The NHS recommends up to 400mg of caffeine daily, which is only about 4 cups of brewed coffee! This is why we developed our Fifty Fifty Half the Caffeine Capsule”.

said Founder Stuart

Our Fifty Fifty half the Caffeine, all the flavour speciality coffee capsule is absolutely unique and creates a capsule unlike anything that has come before it.

Fifty Fifty capsule offers the best of both worlds, a perfectly balanced Blend of fully caffeinated and decaffeinated beans in our fully compostable and plastic free capsule. Fifty Fifty is perfect for those who want a caffeine kick, but are conscious of how much caffeine they consume.

To ensure the quality of our blend is perfectly balanced, we selected two beans from the exact same region of Colombia and roasted them separately to perfection and then blended them together after we have roasted them. This method truly ensures the best taste results from each of the two beans in your cup. 10 x 5.4g pods for £4.20, available now on the website.