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Paul Babra Chuko Chuko

3rd November 2021

Making of the UK’s spicy and craft beer, first of it’s kind

It’s not an overnight sensation but it has taken around 27 years by the founder Paul Babra in Canterbury, Kent.

He and his wife Rani have worked very hard to establish themselves in the food and catering business. They are the Kent Legends and recipients of TOKA, Taste of Kent Awards, 2021.

The idea of a Vegan friendly, aromatic and spicy craft beer to go along their fine dishes came along it. A kind of partnership at the community level to spice up the food with friends and families. Babra’s interest in food, especially Indian/Punjabi cuisine, drinks and new creations has a tasty history in India, Kenya, Nepal, Canada, Australia and of course home town UK. I always wanted to produce a special, spicy beer, he says, and create a new market within the brewing world. Chuko Chuko has gone through many tests and obstacles.

Finally, I succeeded, got satisfied and launched it.

UK and Europe at large have an age-old, legendary record of whiskies, beers, wines, ciders and spirits. There has always been a time when a new product has driven and challenged the established ones. And with so much acclaim for the masala and curry culture here, a spicy, decent, complimentary drink was needed to down it all! Chuko Chuko is destined to do well here in Kent, UK and in other countries in Europe, to begin with.

On the other hand, these are still the disturbing, Covid pandemic times. Babra, with years of food and catering liaison with various communities, spotted the need of a special, spicy craft beer and went on for it. Assembling some of the fine, traditional herbal hops, spices and his unique talent, he produced it all in a kitchen and then at a brewing company in Kent the garden of England county.

Think of it, even a Guinness or Gadds’ or any other brew was born this way, before it became a popular, profitable business and a global brand

Chuko Chuko is produced by Babra’s new company Karara meaning nice and spicy, which is all set for the winter market and ahead.


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Born in Jodhpur, in northern Indian, Paul Babra has many fond memories of his mother and aunts making traditional chutneys, preserves and pickles, filling his childhood home with heady aromas.