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29th January 2020

Marourde revive mead with a modern 'spritz'

Kent winery, Mereworth Wines, have condensed and perfected their MAROURDE product, launching their ‘Spritz’ and ‘Rosé Spritz’ to take Kent by storm. “The world’s oldest new drink” is a refreshing medium-dry ‘Spritz’ made from honey wine infused with locally inspired botanicals. The team at Mereworth Wines have ignited their passion for fermentation and wine-making to re-invent an ancient tipple for the sophisticated taste-buds of a contemporary audience; bright, crisp and bursting with flavours. A modern mead, 9000 years in the making. To take it back to its very earliest beginnings, mead, or ‘honey wine’, was the world’s first alcoholic beverage, historically enjoyed by Ancient Greeks, Norsemen and medieval knights alike, all hoping to share in the purported power and immortality it would bring. Although it may well be the most culturally inclusive drink known to mankind, Marourde believes that honey wine makes a nice home for itself here in Kent and intends to fix it firmly back on the map. Mead would have been very commonplace in Kent up until the 1800’s. Indeed, the River Medway is so named as it derives from the Saxon for ‘Way of Mead’. Right here in Kent, Marourde is leading the charge in a new honey wine revolution, taking inspiration from the best of the diverse local produce right on their doorstep to put a new twist on an old favourite. Honey blended with cool Kentish water is slowly fermented with a pinch of Champagne yeast. Carefully selected, locally inspired botanicals are introduced, and the product is matured in oak barrels, before a gentle ‘Spritz’ is added. William Boscawen, Marourde founder and director explains: “There is a culinary nature to this type of winemaking. The process we use with MAROURDE allows us to be particularly experimental with ingredients and conditions to create a profound depth of flavour which is rarely found in such drinks”. Marourde ‘Spritz’ is medium-dry and bursts with citrus, honey flavours, complimented by woody undertones, with a bright, crisp finish. By popular demand, their newly created ‘Rosé Spritz’ explodes with honied hedgerow black fruits, with the delicate infusions of elderflower and elderberry lingering on the palate. At 4% ABV, they are an ideal drink to carry through from day to evening. William adds: “We are offering Marourde as a refreshing and approachable alternative to prosecco, wine and many of the ready-to-drink offerings which are currently available. As well as being particularly easy on the lips, creating a broad appeal, Marourde introduces new and interesting flavours to the palate of the modern drinker. We are offering the people of Kent the opportunity to drink a locally produced drink, with absolutely no compromise on quality or taste”. Look out for Marourde over the coming year as their ‘Spritz’ and ‘Rosé Spritz’ create a real talking-point and flood the Kent drinks trade. If you would like to be a part of the Marourde journey at this exciting stage, contact Mereworth Wines directly to get involved.