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27th March 2018

Members sharing knowledge and a little Duddas Delight!

We were delighted to welcome so many Produced in Kent members to Pine Trees Farm in Doddington. It was a great turnout and a big thank you to the impromptu parking stewards ! We were delighted to welcome the Mayor of Swale , Councillor Colin Prescott and his wife, who were keen to show their support for local businesses. After a welcome drink, we enjoyed talks from 3 members who are all based in Doddington. Rob Payne of Dudda's Tun Cider took us through his journey, from the first batch of cider to the most recent additions (a pasteurizer and bag in box filler) which were made possible by a Leader Grant. Still little more than a one man operation, it was inspiring to see how far the business has come and there is still more to come ! Alison Church of SW Doughty's, the local butcher that still has its own abattoir, talked about the challenges of butchery today. From supporting local smallholders, to keeping up with legislation to working with independent retailers. The business currently has its second apprentice and Charlotte was on hand to talk to members as they sampled sausages and pasties. Loraine Brennan then led us "Up The Garden" as she described how she turned a desire to grow her own chillies into a thriving business all grown and made in her back garden. One unique feature is her use of Bramley apples in her sauces ( from Pine Tress of course) instead of adding refined sugar . We also heard from Huw Jarvis from the Leader Programme. He highlighted the key dates, the support available and the benefits for businesses. Last but not least Neil Lakeland from Hadlow Group, took us through the General Data Protection Regulations and what they mean for businesses of all sizes. Everyone then had a chance to sample some great products from these three businesses while catching up with each other. A busy evening, with a great atmosphere we cant wait for the next event in May. A huge thank you to Rob, Lizi, Kevin & Brenda Payne for hosting us on the farm - the barn looked great after its spring clean! Thank you to Rob, Alison & Loraine for conquering their nerves and sharing their stories and to Huw & Neil for their contribution to the evening.