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Green farm new arrivals

2nd August 2022

New arrivals at Green Farm!

Firstly, please say hello to Bramble (pictured above). She was born on the 8th of July and loves to hide in the brambles.

We also recently welcomed Tallulah, which is another Aberdeen Angus-Hereford Cross just like Bramble. Both are lovely additions to our Green Farm animal family.

We are also really delighted to announce that Ian Waghorn will be joining us as our new resident Green Farm Chef. Ian is local to Shadoxhurst but he has travelled the world and worked in top 5-star restaurants. We'll share more news about Ian in our next newsletter and perhaps one of his recipes!

As for you, July has been a very warm month for us here. Aside from the heat, we've experienced real warmth from our Spa and Retreat guests and all the visitors at the farm. Hearing and reading your reviews is so heart-warming. Thank you if you have shared some warm words with us recently. If you haven't had the chance, please do leave us a Google Review.

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Green Farm Kent

Nestled in the Shadoxhurst conservation area of Kent, the Green Farm estate comprises a nature-inspired boutique spa, a 15th-century farmhouse and converted barn, a small active farm with grass-fed cattle and sheep plus other livestock, and a community wildlife garden. ​