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19th October 2021

New launches from Cocktail In A Bottle

Karl Wozny of Cocktail In A Bottle has launched his new collaboration cocktails for Autumn & winter.

First off, working with a local award winning butcher (Lizzie Douglas) of The Black Pig in Deal, who recently appeared on Radio 4's Good Food Programme and is a selected finalist for The Good Food Awards 2021. The collaboration is to use the offcuts from her smoked bacon and to infuse bacon flavour into a Canadian whisky, which is then 'fat washed' to impart the flavour, but to remove the fat particles. Once this is done the drink is blended with quality maple syrup, Fleur De Sel and oak smoke to provide what is a delicious whisky liqueur enjoyed over ice!

Lastly, Karl has teamed up with festival circuit legends The Cuban Brothers, who also make their own rum! Karl was approached by front man Miguelito to make a delicious ready to drink cocktail using their rum, and came up with the idea of a rum punch. The punch is made in the traditional authentic way by blending 5 ingredients to make a strong, yet delicious beverage, as enjoyed by those traders of the East India Company. Miguelito's Rum Punch is a blend of Papaya infused overproof Cuban rum, rich banana liqueur, citrus, tea and bitters. Simply enjoy over ice!

You can order both of these new exciting pre-mixed drinks via their shop


Cocktail In A Bottle

In March 2020, I started delivering my bottles to my local community of East Kent helping them get through lockdown with a great tasting cocktail.