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14th October 2020

New production line at Plamil Foods

Plamil’s latest development. Plamil So free Cocoabites. Four delicious flavours in plastic free paper pouches.[/caption] Plamil Foods are Produced in Kent members as well as Europe’s oldest and original vegan company. They have been plant base food pioneers since the 1950s. Among other products, Plamil make dairy free chocolate both retail items under the Plamil So free brand and bulk for industry. All Plamil products have no milk (or any other animal products or animal by-products), are wheat and gluten free and the company operates a very strict no nut and no peanut policy on site. Plamil does not buy from countries with oppressive regimes and all the cocoa it uses is certified to avoid issues of bonded and child slave labour. The first certified Organic chocolate made in the UK was made by Plamil in Folkestone. The Plamil Chocolate Factory is powered by 100% renewable energy. After delays caused by lockdown Plamil are just starting to use a brand new bulk chocolate drop production line they have had built. The line will increase capacity by 1000 tonnes annually. This will help the company meet the high level of demand for their chocolate. Plamil produces a wide range of chocolate with darks, vegan milky and vegan whites as well as a range of no added sugar chocolate. Incidentally vegan milky and vegan white chocolate were invented by Plamil in Folkestone at the end of the 1970s. Plamil bulk chocolate is available in 1 kg and 7.5 kg packs. Why not source your chocolate from a local ethical manufacturer. For more information please write to