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28th October 2019

Nim’s Launch range of Festive Crisps

Nim’s, the air dried fruit and veg crisp producer, has launched a range of Festive Crisps including Beet & Butt, Bubble & Squeak and Brussels.

Air dried, not fried. All Nim’s crisps are certified as 1 of your 5 day, making them a tasty and healthier festive snack.

· Beet & Butt – an earthy combination of beetroot and rich sweet butternut squash.

· Bubble & Squeak – a Christmas classic made with parsnip, beetroot and Brussel sprouts crisps

· Brussels – Are you a lover or a hater? Perhaps crunchy air-dried Brussel sprouts will change your mind?

All flavours are available to buy from independent stores or online for £1.95 for 80g share bags.

Nim’s crisps are created using fruit and vegetables which have been air-dried. The process uses no oils, chemicals or additives, just the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. As a result Nim’s produce virtually zero food waste.

More than 80% of the fruit and veg used by Nim’s is grown in the UK and the majority is sourced within 40 miles of the factory.