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Oink Udder pork shoulder

17th February 2022

Oink & Udder: Delicious, high welfare pork with a very special offer for Produced in Kent readers!

Chloe and David would like to tell you more about their pork, and their farming practices, as well as offer readers 10% off their whole range

We are Chloe and David Wilcock. Our aim at Oink and Udder is to champion high welfare, meat to demonstrate a different way of farming. We believe in the value of quality ingredients traceable back to their source. We want to reconnect customers with their food and where it comes from whilst providing the best products possible.

Is your mouth watering at the thought of delicious pork? The sizzle of bacon, pop of sausages and the crackle of a roasting joint. For quick and tasty everyday meals or slow cooked luxurious Sunday lunches, pork is the perfect meat.

Here at Oink and Udder we rear traditional, rare breed, native Large Black Pigs. Our pigs live free range organic lifestyles and grow slowly to ensure their meat has great flavour and texture, balanced by just the right amount of fat.

Buy on the website, collect from Canterbury or let us ship it direct to you.

For 10% off the whole range till the end of February, use the code 'PINK10' at the checkout