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23rd February 2021

Pest of the month from Gold Standards Pest Solutions

There are many varieties of mouse but the house mouse is very common in a wide range of buildings both in towns and the countryside. These tiny creatures are able to enter a building through a space as small in diameter as a biro. They are very well adapted to living alongside humans and are able to successfully build and maintain nests and exploit the environments that humans create.

The female house mouse is able to produce a litter from 8 weeks old and can breed every 21 days, meaning the population numbers can rapidly increase into an infestation.

The key to preventing an infestation is to ensure any points of ingress, such as air vents, are blocked and strategic baiting is carried out.

Our pest control techs are trained to identify the likely ingress points and areas of activity and can advise if there are any housekeeping or building maintenance works that need to be carried out in order to prevent further pest problems.

Gold Standard Pest Solutions can carry out a survey to the site and report on any works needing to be undertaken and pest management to be put in place.

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