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6th March 2024

Pie-oneering Partnership: Kentish Oils & Condiments and Higgidy Announce Exciting New Ingredient Partnership

An exciting new food partnership bound by shared values and a commitment to a better food future has been revealed by renowned Kentish producer Kentish Oils & Condiments and Sussex founded, Hiddigy. With Kentish Oils Cold-Pressed Original Rapeseed Oil now used as the only foundation oil for a variety of delicious Higgidy recipes.

This new and exciting collaboration between two culinary power houses highlights aligned values including a dedication to quality craftsmanship and a commitment to a better food future. Together, they will deliver a delightful blend of exceptional flavours while remaining mindful of their approach to food production.

Since being founded in 2003, Camilla Stephens, Higgidy’s co-founder, and the team have been on a mission to transform ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences. Producing a range of wholesome pies, quiches and rolls, the Higgidy ethos surrounds using quality ingredients to produce great tasting products with a commitment to paving the way for the future food industry with a focus on planet, people and food.

Kentish Oils & Condiments, led by Laura Bounds MBE, has an outstanding reputation for producing fine-quality, award-winning rapeseed oil, blends, and condiments sourced from carefully selected, locally grown rapeseed. Their meticulous processes, including individual pressing and filtering steps, combined with the use of specially selected seeds, contribute to the remarkable flavour and colour of their oils. This commitment to quality is evident across their product range, reflecting their dedication to excellence.

Commenting on the partnership, Laura Bounds MBE, owner, Kentish Oils & Condiments said:

“At Kentish Oils & Condiments, we believe in the power of collaboration to create a culinary tapestry woven with shared values, exceptional taste, and a commitment to a better, sustainable future. We are delighted to be working with Higgidy to realise our shared vision for quality, local ingredient partnerships”

Higgidy products can be found available at leading supermarkets including Sainsburys, Ocado and Asda.

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