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25th June 2019

POSIpot will save over 300m pots & labels being wasted

POSIpot will save over 300 million plant pots and labels being wasted every year in the UK

POSIpot© is a simple solution to stem the tide of the 100's of millions of single use plastic pots (and labels) being sold with plants every year. The huge majority of which end up being incinerated, sent to landfill or exported across the world to be 'recycled'.. all simply to transport a plant from shop to garden to be planted. The plant is transferred from plastic to POSIpot when the plant is purchased taking the same time as a normal plant sale. POSIpots revolutionary concept re-positions plastic as an industry tool allowing growers to re-use plastic pots again and again, resulting in millions of plastic pots not being made in the first place. Also, this means plant buyers don't have to dispose of pots or store them for years and years in sheds or greenhouses! Edibleculture have designed and manufactured POSIpot after years of experimentation. This year, the 2 owners David Ware and Chris Williams set an ambitious goal... we said that this year is our plastic year zero and we have taken a stand that ‘from 2019 it is now illegal to sell single use plastic as a product or for packaging‘ . The first garden centre/nursery to do this in the UK. We are a small company with big ideas, we started the first compost ‘bag for life’ scheme in the UK – saving 1000’s of single use bags in the first year of running. Our innovative and empowering approach is quickly being seen as the sustainable future of retail horticultural and we have attracted media interest from prestigious programmes like BBC Gardeners’ World. Edibleculture is situated in the heart of the Abbey School, Faversham. The school has the ambitious aim to build a plastic sorting facility to take plastic pots, sort and wash and make in to new products. At the moment 3D printing filament is being made from all our broken pots. A proportion of all POSIpot sales will directly go to funding this project and we hope that other nurseries and garden centres using POSIpots will send broken pots to us soon! We have a range of photographs taken by our professional photographer available. Also, professionally written articles are available if required. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We would welcome visits; we have full facilities including parking and food and drink. Faversham is 1 hour from London on HS1 and we are a 5 minutes’ walk from the station. 01795 537662 Edibleculture Ltd The Horticulture Unit, The Abbey School London Rd (A2) Faversham, Kent ME13 8RZ UK Please contact us for more info – David Ware – 07926 961056 Chris Williams – 07826264689 Shop number – 01795 537662