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Pure Wix Winter Fragrances 22

14th November 2022

Pure Wix Christmas Events & goodies!

We are delighted to let everyone know that we will be at the Canterbury Christmas Market until Christmas Eve as well as several other Christmas markets...

We will also be attending the amazing Rochester Christmas market alongside Nutter's, Orchid's Mid Winter Fair and Bligh's Sevenoaks Christmas Market - check our event pages for more information -

We are happy customise your gifts and will be selling lots of gifts and stocking fillers - all our handmade soaps are made with skin friendly oils and butters, natural clays an colourants made with essential oils and cured for a minimum of 6 weeks.

All our candles are made by hand with 100% soy wax grown and manufactured in Europe and the UK wit no pesticides used on the plants, all our fragrances are carefully chosen and are all cruelty free - we use FSC wooden wicks to add to the luxury.

Our melts use the same Soy wax and include 4 compostable tealights.

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Our candles, wax melts, shampoo bars and soaps are vegan/vegetarian friendly using plant based oils, butters and waxes.